I suppose I should be grateful that I have nothing to write about 🙂 It’s day 17.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I traveled to Phoenix and spent time with a good friend of mine. I helped her declutter. I’m notorious for throwing stuff away. It may have frightened her a bit, but she handled it all really well and her office and linen closet are now clutter free. She was gracious enough to not drink while I was there. That helped tremendously. I wanted to end the busy days with a glass of wine (or 2 or 3) but fortunately it wasn’t an overwhelming desire. Because of her, because of me and because it was a different environment, I was able to forget about drinking for a while.

I’m back home in the same routine again. That 4:00pm liquor alarm is still going off in my head. My hope is that it becomes more quiet as I put more sober days behind me and it eventually goes away. It is quite loud still. But, I have my fingers crossed.

Another day, another. . . . .day sober 🙂

Day T-83

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