back in the saddle….again

Ah, the joys of starting all over again. (not) Still trying to figure out what the trigger is that gets Crazy activated. Habit is a big one. I must change my routine on my way home. The weekends used to be okay for me. I didn’t drink on Saturday and Sunday but over the last year or so, that hasn’t been the case. Now, the weekends are just as hard as my weekdays. Unless, of course, I have something I have to do physically like I did a couple of weekends ago – the 5k and the hike. Depending on my ribs (which still hurt), I have bootcamp this coming Saturday. That should deter me from drinking at least on Friday night. But I’m not looking that far ahead. I am working on Day 1 now and focusing on today only.

I just want to get to day 30 and never look back. That would be huge. To all my blogging friends out there, keep writing. I need to keep reading.

Day 1

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