back in the parade

Phew! That was a close call. Thank goodness Crazy didn’t over-take me. Having an empty stomach at 4-5pm is really a leading cause of Crazy coming out to taunt me. Maybe a touch of hypoglycemia hits about that time.

I know that something sweet can help. Not M&M sweet but something with carbs that is a little more substantial. And salty doesn’t work, only makes me want to stop for beer! Although a Payday candy bar might work! So yesterday evening, just before I left the office, I ate a chewy granola bar I had in my purse from the 5k on Saturday. I think that must have helped curb the cravings just a tiny bit. Enough to take off a little of the edge anyway. When I got off the bus, I made a bee-line to my car and just focused on going home. And I did. Had to go straight to cooking dinner although I wasn’t even hungry. I was “thirsty” but not hungry (which is generally the case.) After dinner I polished off the remaining half of a small container of ice cream, then my grandson came downstairs about 8pm to give me a freshly baked, right of the oven, chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say, no more sugar cravings! I actually felt sick LOL!!

And here I am, back in the sober parade. I was veering a little toward the bystanders there for a minute but have straightened out my course. Wasn’t sure I could do it. Nice to know that I can. Or at least that I did. With everyone cheering me on, how could I not? One day at a time.

Day 10

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