is the switch turning on?

Don’t really have any earth-shattering events happening or any words of wisdom I’ve gleaned over the last few days or anything like that. I just felt I had to write. I had a twinge about an hour ago (3:30pm). Thinking about drinking. Macaroni Grill has a great happy hour. I get ….er…um, I mean, I USED TO get a gin martini just the way I liked it for $5 (the bartender’s and I are on a first name basis) Then I would get a house salad for $3 and for dinner, a margherita pizza for $5. To go with the pizza, I USED TO get 2 glasses of their $3 Chianti. It was a once a week treat. Then on the way home, I would buy my small box of wine. Right now, that sounds SO good.

eeeegaaddd, just talking about it, I can feel Crazy stirring a bit. Crap. I can’t. . . not only because it’s a REALLY dumb idea (which should be the # ONE reason to keep me from going,) but I have to get a crown at the dentist’s tomorrow at 7am. Nothing like going in with that lovely “I reek of booze” smell and a hangover.

Day 9

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2 Responses to is the switch turning on?

  1. You are right the switch is turning on, hang on!

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