damn i’m good

Can’t believe it’s been a week of sobriety. A milestone for sure. Now, I’m on day 8. One day at a time.

Ran a 5k Saturday. Got 3rd place for women in my age group. Never had that happen before! I was so proud of myself, I went shopping :), then got pizza and Dr. Pepper for dinner. Sunday, I went on a hike with a post-hike lunch at a favorite restaurant stop. Everyone I hiked with got either a beer or a marg. I, on the other hand, had a Sprite. It’s silly, I know, but for me that was a huge deal. I was secretly hoping someone would comment on it so I could say why I wasn’t sharing in the Cinco de Mayo margarita. Hoping I would get some “good job” or “congrats” remarks. But of course, no one said a word. Guess it’s a self-congratulatory type of win. I wanted the recognition and a good pat on the back for a job well done. Deep down, I suppose it’s really only me I need to impress, and impress I did.

I can feel good about myself, all by myself. I can do a ‘wut wut’ and know I deserve it. I mean, seriously — I ran a 5k and got a medal. I went for a 9 mile hike with 1700 ft elevation gain (lots of up and lots of down), and completed it in 4 hours. Experienced my first ever trip and fall and came away with only a very bruised hip and bruised ribs. No broken bones or blood!! Then, over came the fall to continue to lunch with friends and good music on an outside patio. Finished off the day alcohol free. WUT WUT !!!

The desire to drink has yet to rear its ugly head in these past 7 days. I’m totally happy for that, but it scares me to think that it is most likely lurking right around the corner. Can I handle it when it surfaces? Can these past 7 days give me the strength to beat it back down? I know I should just let the worry go. Think about and immerse myself in today and only today. Sometimes, easier said than done. Well, today it will be done 🙂

Day 8

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2 Responses to damn i’m good

  1. woow great job on everything.the run-the hike bit most of all congrats on D8.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks !!

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