heart woodI know I’ve said this, like, a zillion times already, but reading these great posts about other people’s struggles and wins over their addictions is SO helpful to me. I see myself in so many of the stories. I find myself on the ‘edge of my seat’ while reading the story of someone grabbing their purse and keys and wanting desperately to head out the door for that bottle after being sober 90 days. . . . and when they are able to FINALLY turn the tables on Crazy and put the keys down. HOORAY! I’m with them every step of the way. In another post, someone goes out with friends and does really well early in the evening, but then as more rounds of drinks come to the table, Crazy creeps into her thoughts telling her it’s okay to have a drink. So, she just gets up and leaves the group to go home. When all else fails, leave the situation that’s causing you to want to drink. BRAVO!

One post turned addiction into a person. For us gals, a boyfriend. –He’s great to have around. He’s fun. But more often than not, he beats you up to the point of blacking out. But you still welcome him back. Your friends would call you crazy if this were a real boyfriend, but yet, they don’t say a word.– Wild.

One analogy that stuck with me: riding in the far back seat of an old station wagon. Back in the day, that far back seat faced backwards. (I think of that now, and holy crap, we would have been squished beyond recognition if someone had hit us from behind.) Back to my story: As a child, I would always get car sick on trips. Being in that back seat facing oncoming traffic made it worse. So, why do I want to continue to look back on my life and make myself sick? Isn’t it time I turned around and faced the present and stopped feeling like shit? I don’t want to look back any longer. It only brings regrets, sadness, anger, guilt. . . . .

All these blogs are a reminder to me that alcohol is doing me NO favors. I continue to read the posts every day. They are my inspiration. Truly.

Day 4

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