exercise…..and reward?

On my staying active and healthy regime: I went for a very long hike on Saturday. The weather was undeniably the best ever. The hike was about 12.6 miles, and we had an elevation gain of somewhere between 2400 and 2600 ft. My legs were very tired. I brought up the rear of the pack the last 2 miles or so. But I did it, and it was wonderful. Great way to start the season. A great group of people, blue skies, fresh mountain air. . . . ahhhhh

The draw back was that we all went out to eat after the hike. Not so much for the food but for the beer. I had resolved early on to get a root beer or tea or something, but as I sat there at the table, the server waiting for me to answer him, I was unable to speak. I was SO confused. My brain on overdrive. “Should I, shouldn’t I, should I, shouldn’t I?” And then, it blurted out of me, “I’ll have a 1554.” Argh. Who in the hell said that? Consciously, I only had the one beer. . . . because I was already scheming to buy a box of wine on the way home. And when I say box, I mean the 3-5oz glass box, not the super huge one!

I’m on the interstate, on the way home, and I had the usual debate. Sensible is saying, “Just go home,” and Crazy is saying, “It’s just a small box of wine. You’ll be fine.” And back and forth it went for the 30 minute drive. Needless to say, I did not go home empty handed.

I woke up feeling REALLY good. My body didn’t hurt, I had energy, the weather was still holding at gorgeous. And what happens? 5:30pm rolls around and the switch goes on. For no goddamn reason, it just switches on. It’s Sunday. I hate drinking on Sunday. Just seems to start the week off on the wrong foot. Went to my local tavern, had 2 beers and left. Whoa, 2 beers? Bravo! Well, I’m not patting myself on the back just yet. There is this LQ between the tavern and home. It’s open until 11:59pm on Sunday night. (most of the LQs around here close about 5pm or 6pm on Sundays.) I stop. Of course I stop.

WTF. It’s like self-sabotage. Who is this person who keeps wanting to drink? That’s when I decided to do the 100 day challenge. I need that committment to a goal. Well, it’s obvious I certainly need something.

My daughter and I went to the gym Monday night for a Power Sculpt class. So glad she is here to do it with me. We stopped to buy beer on the way home. Hey, it was for her and her husband – NOT ME! But, once home I decided to have just one. I mean, we did have a great workout and all. I took the bottle downstairs with me. On my way back up to the kitchen, I brought the beer back up with me. It went back into the fridge. I got a smile and thumbs up from my daughter. 🙂

Tonight is personal trainer night. Wonder if my glutes, ham strings and quads can take the pain after the last few days?

Day 3

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