guinessI wish I was able to pass along good news. Actually, I have no news. Yes, I’m still drinking. When I win the lottery I will put myself in rehab for 30 days. I’ve heard that most everyone (well, a lot of people) has to do this to really get started in this life long achievement. I do think that if I were not alone in this, it would be 95% easier. I would have that support system of a loved one, significant other, best friend who truly wanted to help me. It would be nice to have someone be there with and for me. AA may have wonderful, helpful people, but they don’t live with me.

There must be a solution out there somewhere.

Day 1

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4 Responses to solo

  1. How cool would be to have a formula and BAMMMM….problem solved, no more drinking or envy to drink. I wish I could have this special formula. Continue writing and sharing, people will relate and that might help. I am trying this solution right now…

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