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I am a firm believer in reincarnation. I believe that my spirit/soul lives forever – an eternity and beyond. I think that each of us picks and chooses our new life. We decide on the family, we decide on the race, we decide all that. We choose how we live and how we die. Because we have the option to experience everything we ever wanted (the power of free will), and there is so much to experience, we just keep coming back, until we don’t want to come back here any longer.

I said that is what I believe. You may not believe like me or you just think I’m a little crazy. A whack job, nuts o’la. That’s okay.

The reason I bring this up is because it baffles me that I chose this life. Why? I wonder what my “self” was thinking before I chose Joe and Lucile to be my mom and dad. I have a very hard time believing that my burning desire was to experience my life in this particular way. Did I choose this life because I wanted the experience of falling to the lowest of lows and pulling myself out and reaching the highest of highs? Did I choose this life because my others have been so amazing I wanted to see what it was like to have a shitty life? Did I choose this life because I wanted to be able to redeem myself in the eyes of God/Universe/powers that be? Did I choose this life so that I could be the one to bring 2 beautiful, amazing kids into this world? Did I choose to be alcoholic? I guess stranger things have happened.

While I have a clear head, maybe I need to dig deep down and see what’s going on in there!! I must put my faith in the fact that the life I chose is the right life and to make of it the best possible life that I have remaining to me. Hm, faith . . . in all that is good.

Day 2

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