Today is a new day. Today is Day 1. The slate has been wiped clean. I begin again.

By 6:30pm Day 1 had become Day 0. Old habits are really hard to break. I get off work, I stop at the LQ, I go home. This time, 8:00pm rolled around and I had finished what I had purchased.


There was too much evening left. I felt a twinge of fear. Yes, you read that correctly. Fear. “Of not having alcohol for the remaining 2 hours of the evening?” you ask. Right again. i KNOW! It’s nuts. Now, I rarely, if ever, head back out. Once home, I pretty much just stay home. Not this night. I headed back to the LQ and bought more. A bad idea. Really bad idea. Of course, I knew it was a bad idea but did that matter? I believe you know the answer to that one.

Day 1 Day 0

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