the vacation

For me airports are synonymous with drinking alcohol. I mean, really, who doesn’t enjoy an alcoholic beverage when at the airport? You can sit back, relax and put one or two down before you have to hop on that crowded plane.

I debated, once I arrived at the terminal, if I should just go to the gate and read or have a beer. You guessed it, not much of a debate going on there. I had an hour to kill, it was Friday afternoon and the weekend had begun. I bellied up to the bar, ordered a Shock Top and took a long pull on the delicious brew. Yum. My ‘vacation’ weekend had begun 🙂

Yes, I did drink. I knew before I even left for the trip that I would not be able to NOT drink. Picture this: It’s a beautifully warm evening, delicate patio lights for ambiance, freshly prepared caprese on the outdoor table, warm toasted bread, a glass of Cab and one of your dear friends across the table sharing stimulating and humorous conversation. Sounds pretty great, right?

Being that I had just begun my sobriety 3 days previously, it was hard to pass on the wine. To be honest, I really think that if I had a few months or so of sobriety under my belt, I would have had water instead. It was just too soon. I had a feeling this weekend would be a difficult one to find the word “no thank you” in my vocabulary. I have no regrets or feelings of anger at myself. It happened. The weekend had its share of alcohol, but I did not over do it. If I could do that all the time, this blog would not have begun.

Having my friends around helped me to ‘remember’ myself and keep it in check. But Monday is around the corner and it’s a new day.

Day 4, 5, 6

p.s. I did not stop at the LQ on Day 3 – I just went home 🙂

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