sanity is not the issue

Still took me forever to fall asleep last night but that is to be expected for a few months. “And you know this because…?” you ask. Well, the reason I know this is because I had to take medication for my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) that didn’t allow for alcohol consumption. Let me take that back, it allowed a 12 oz beer OR 5 oz of wine OR 2 oz hard liquor once a week. And, yes, contrary to popular belief, I did follow the rules for about 8 months. This was in 2011. By November I began drinking just a smidge more a week than I should have and in December just a smidge more than that. Decided it best to change medications before my liver ceased to function and I died.

I did change my meds which allowed me to drink again. I took full advantage of it. You know how it is – or at least have heard how it is – when you go on a diet and loose the weight, when you fall off the diet you gain it all back and then some. I think the same analogy holds true for when someone quits drinking. When they start back up again they drink more than before they quit. Ain’t life a puzzle?

Any hoo, back to the original topic. I did wake up feeling pretty good this morning. I still only got about 6½ hours sleep. And for me, that’s not enough, but the fact that I woke up with no sluggish feeling and no headache was a bonus. You have to wonder why we give up feeling good to go back to feeling bad? No sane person would do that, right?

It’s to the gym to work out and home. Heading out of town for some fun with some high school friends. Wonder how close I’ll come to stopping at my favorite beverage store? What are the odds? Keep reading. . . .

Day 3

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