mr sandman…..

One of the drawbacks of not drinking is that it takes me a couple of hours to fall asleep once I go to bed. I am generally in bed by 10:30pm, and by 12:30am or so I still have not fallen asleep. I will get about 5½ hours sleep once I finally doze off. Now when I drink, I fall asleep right away, but as most of us know, you really don’t get a good night’s sleep when you drink. So, which is better, 5½ hours of good sleep or 8 hours of not so good sleep? Hm. At this stage, I think I will take the 5th and not say which I think is better.

I perused the pamphlets I was given at the first meeting and did a quick scan of the Big Book. Best I take some time to read the Big Book as it appears that this is the AA bible. I actually read it a couple of years ago. Didn’t really make much of an impact then, but I must not have been ready for it. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Went to my 2nd meeting last night. The turnout was about 70% fewer people than the night before! I was told that Tuesday’s are a popular night. There were 10 of us at this meeting. But that’s okay. They asked me to talk again, I said no again. Hope they get used to that. I am not a public speaker. . . . .yet, anyway.

Before I went to the meeting, I was craving something sweet, naturally. I stopped at Taco Bell and got 2 orders of their cinnamon twists (or churros). If this continues, I’ll be attending Weight Watchers meetings on my way to my AA meetings.

Day 2

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