the meeting

I went to my first AA meeting last night. Quite a few people there – we’re talking 30+. They really like their weak pots of coffee 🙂 It was a little awkward going in. People were way too friendly for my taste, but better that I suppose than being ignored and scowled at. It began promptly at 7pm and ended promptly at 8pm.

“Huh?” you’re thinking. “That’s it?” Well, yeah, pretty much. People talked, if they wanted to, about experiences related to the topic on the table and drank coffee. They asked me to speak, and I said no. I imagine I will be saying no for a while. One day at a time, right?

But, in all honesty, this really is huge. The first BIG step for me, and I made it. I had told my personal trainer early that evening that I was going to a meeting. As soon as I told him, I could have kicked myself (but he had me doing a cardio circuit, and I could barely lift anything at that point.) Nonetheless, with that statement made, I had just committed myself. Now, I HAD to go. If I was planning to back out, it was no longer an option. He said, “Let me know how it goes when I see you on Thursday.” ho boy…..

I had been thinking about going to a meeting for more than a year so it wasn’t as though I was acting impulsively! And it was actually easier than I imagined. I am glad I went and will be going again tonight. I like hearing about how life after has been positive and ‘better than imagined’ and all that. When the urge to go to the LQ hits (and I’m thinking that will be tomorrow,) we’ll see how easy it is to head to a meeting instead.

With this rekindled desire to live a healthier alcohol-free lifestyle, it does get me thinking. Some re-hashing of very old topics as well some new thought processes. The familiar adage ‘getting rid of the old and making way for the new’ comes to mind. I must do some serious spring cleaning of the brain.

Day 1

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